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Raising money for charity, either by holding an event or taking part, is a fantastic way to support an important cause, whilst having fun and creating memories which can last a lifetime.

On an individual basis, a sponsored fun run or marathon; A bike ride or swim. On a larger scale, an ocean row or overseas challenge.

Taking part in a team event which can help build professional relationships with colleagues, or sharing special moments with family and friends ,whilst supporting a worthwhile cause.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started...

Colour Runs

A relatively new phenomenon - a fun run with a twist! Run through special paint stations and be showered with brightly coloured powder paint! Brilliant and vibrant fun and a great way to spend time with family, friends and colleagues, whilst raising money for charity. 


Would you walk on hot coals to support a charity? A great (and safe!) way to blaze a trail and support charity - it’s usually only a short, sponsored walk, but have you got what it takes?

Memory Walks

A poignant way to remember someone special, whilst helping to raise funds for charity. Take part in a walk in memory, with the opportunity to reflect, be inspired and share precious moments.

Music or Lifestyle Festivals

Why not setup a festival and give all or part of the proceeds to charity? It’s a major project and there are many factors to consider, including the venue, liability insurance, weather, catering and a contingency plan. It’s worth speaking with the charity and seeing how their events fundraiser can help and talk through your ideas with some specialist providers.

Skydive or an Abseil

Not for the faint-hearted! It may be that you’re realising a lifetime ambition by jumping from an aircraft at 15,000ft or overcoming your fear of heights by dropping over the edge of a cliff. Gain sponsorship from family, friends and colleagues and help to make that difference for animal, conservation and aid & development charities.

Sporting Events

Whether you run, swim or bike, or wish to take up the challenge for the first time. Take part in a marathon or triathlon and be part of something big. Our personal challenges which must be overcome make us stronger and by raising funds for charity at the same time, you can help a charity start a new initiative, complete projects and make that difference.

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