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Ways you can Help | Raising Funds through your Business

Building a corporate partnership between your business and a charity can be of mutual benefit, both to the charity concerned and your company.

There are many ways your business can help raise vital funds for charity, whether it’s through an ongoing partnership or making a charity, your charity of the year. Most charities will be able to advise you and help to develop a professional relationship which links you, strategically and ethically.

You may wish to consider the following examples and the benefits of your business and a charity working together, but please contact the charity that you wish to support and talk it through with them. They may also be able to visit your premises and provide you and your staff with a presentation which explains their services in detail.

Some advantages for your business, in associating with a charity:

Increased Customer Loyalty | Motivating Staff | Brand Awareness | Social & Ethical Responsibility

Joint Marketing Ventures

Having charity branding on your customer-facing literature and website can really encourage support and loyalty for your business, by helping to inform your customers of your social responsibility and care. It helps the charity by providing public awareness to their cause and in addition, support from professional companies can help to maintain belief and commitment in a charities work.

You could also consider sponsoring a particular event or fundraising campaign. This could involve help with marketing, giving prizes, asking staff to volunteer or even providing a venue for an event to be held.

Employee Involvement

There are many ways that you and your colleagues can get involved and make a real difference to a charities work. Many charities encourage support from fundraising events: these could be anything from a sponsored walk to a skydive, or even an overseas challenge. And these help your business, through team-building and motivating staff.

Corporate Donations & Grants

These can be advantageous to your company as they can provide tax relief in addition to having a direct impact on the work that your chosen charity strives to achieve.

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