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About Us | We think Charity Matters

Charity Matters exists to make a positive difference through one simple aim: to promote UK registered charities.

The organisations that tirelessly work to protect wildlife, preserve habitats and conserve nature. The charities which want to put an end to animal cruelty and needless suffering. Those whom provide aid and support in areas of human conflict, through epidemics and in the provision of disaster relief.

Closer to home and in our local communities: hospice care, medical relief, shelter to those in need and looking after our ageing population. There are over 180,000 charities in the UK, working to make that difference. And we want encourage you to make a difference. To support charities through gifts, of whatever size. To feel able to donate or give up your time and be part of a respectful and caring community.

Through our website and social-networking, Charity Matters provides consumers and businesses with a resource of charity related information, including how you can support a charity and where you can find details of the charity you may wish to associate with, either personally or professionally.

On an individual basis, we are a full member of The Institute of Fundraising and a certified member of the Institute of Legacy Management, with over six years of professional experience working in the charity sector. And if you are thinking of promoting your charity through us, we are registered with the Data Protection Act 1998.

If you have any comments or feedback that you wish to provide please get in touch. You can e-mail us by clicking here.

We exist because Charity Matters.


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